Sailors of Lhazaar

Episode 3

The sailors are forced to flee as Prince Brightwind's guards respond to his call to action. They manage to get on board the Prince's fastest ship, the Zephyr, and escape.

They set course for Kasshk, the island on which lives Baba Yanu, a Sea Hag witch that Prince Brightwind thinks may have some information to contribute. Along the way they see one of Magwroth's ships in a storm, and see notice some interesting things. The hull is made of solid water, and its sails of lightning itself. They opt to leave it behind.

They also encounter the Dread Pirate Katarina de Leon, "The Black Kat." Marcus reveals he was her navigator, and because of this the meeting is peaceful. She reveals the stories of the invaders are calling it the, "Chaos Fleet." Odjuret also flashes a sign that Kat recognizes as a call to freedom, to cast off  the anti-piracy laws created by the Treaty.

On Kasshk, Baba Yanu greets them as old friends, and seems very confused, asking odd questions of what has transpired, seeming to be narrowing something down. She is prepared for their visit, and gives them a disgusting brew that causes them all to go unconscious.

The Trip for Help
Episode 2

The PCs render aid to Quinley by way of opening the abandoned tavern, and agree to sail to the Port Windermere, where Koulton Brightwind resides, to ask for aid in the morning. Their rest is cut short as the invading pirates attack before dawn. The PCs decide to take the opportunity to set sail immediately, and one the way, they realize one of the attacking vessels is the same they sunk, and, "Gary," waves as they sail by.

Other than an attack by Koa-Toa, the trip to Windermere is short. They convince Prince Brightwind to meet with them, who identifies the colors of the invaders as that of Captain Magwroth, who died along with his men in an attack on Mika Rockface some thirty years ago.

Prince Brightwind states he is curious about the news and wishes to protect his people, and that every other prince but Rockface has been attacked in similar manners in impossibly rapid succession. He cannot interfere with the machinations of more powerful princes and risk his precarious rule, but offers his fastest ship, then accuses them of stealing it, and calling his guards.

Homeless... again
Episode 1

The PCs, tired and hungry from months at sea returning home to Quinley, find it under siege. They slip aboard one of the attacking vessels, which ignores them completely until they board. The PCs scuttle the attacking ship just before the invading force leaves anyway, and makes for land to render aid and complete their voyage.

They interrogate a fiery red-headed pirate off said ship, who gives them practically nothing, except he states they work for Mika Rockface. It is unclear if this is one of his many lies or not. They kill the prisoner, who La Flur nicknames, "Gary," and throw him overboard.

Once on land, they find the invading force has only stolen Dragonshards from a Sivis mine, and discover the Sivis message network has failed to deliver messages to the local Sea Prince, Koulton Brightwind.


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