Sailors of Lhazaar

Homeless... again

Episode 1

The PCs, tired and hungry from months at sea returning home to Quinley, find it under siege. They slip aboard one of the attacking vessels, which ignores them completely until they board. The PCs scuttle the attacking ship just before the invading force leaves anyway, and makes for land to render aid and complete their voyage.

They interrogate a fiery red-headed pirate off said ship, who gives them practically nothing, except he states they work for Mika Rockface. It is unclear if this is one of his many lies or not. They kill the prisoner, who La Flur nicknames, "Gary," and throw him overboard.

Once on land, they find the invading force has only stolen Dragonshards from a Sivis mine, and discover the Sivis message network has failed to deliver messages to the local Sea Prince, Koulton Brightwind.



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